If there’s one thing more annoying than late payments, it’s having to hassle clients to pay up. And if there’s one thing that will get your clients to pay their bills faster, it’s overdue late fees. Invoice Ninja already has an auto-reminder reminder email system for overdue invoices, so you can automatically send payment reminders at pre-set intervals to your customers. Now, you can take it one step further and set up automatic late fees on overdue payments. So your late-paying clients will be notified and late fees added to their overdue invoices – without any extra effort from you.

Instead of having to manually update, notify and invoice the client for extra fees on late payments, you can now set up your Invoice Ninja account to do it for you. Go to Advanced Settings > Templates & Reminders, and scroll to the Automatic Late Fees section. You can set the late fee schedule by selecting the time frame. Then, enter the late fee amount as a total figure, or as a percentage of the overdue amount.

Next time your client’s invoice is overdue, they’ll receive an automatic reminder with late fees added to the invoice, according to the schedule and amount you pre-defined. You won’t need to remember to remind your clients to pay, nor bother with any manual calculations of overdue fees. The automatic late fees for late payments set up feature: it’s another way Invoice Ninja is helping you get paid – fast!

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