When we talk about invoicing with Invoice Ninja, the key word is ‘streamlining’. Every aspect of the Invoice Ninja invoicing system is continually being fine-tuned and updated for one ultimate purpose: making your invoicing faster, smoother and more efficient. The best way to do this is by reducing the steps and clicks you must take to get your invoicing done.

So we’re proud to introduce the latest (but never the last!) way that Invoice Ninja has adapted to cut back on your clicks – it’s a feature that enables you to create new Vendors and Categories directly on the Expenses page, and new Projects directly on the Tasks page. It’s called working ‘inline’. What does this mean? Well, let’s say you are creating a new expense, which is connected to a vendor you’ve never used before. Ordinarily, you’d have to first go to the Vendors/ Create page, create the new vendor, save the new vendor, and only then could you begin the process of creating a new expense. Not anymore. Now, you can create a new vendor or expense category while you are creating the expense. The same goes for new projects. Now, you can create a new project directly on the Create Task page. There’s no need to bounce back and forth from page to page. You can do it all ‘inline’ – inside the current page.

Inline Projects

To create a new Vendor inline, go to the Expenses/ Create page. Place your cursor in the Vendor field, and begin typing the name of the new vendor. A drop down field will open, beginning with the words: Create vendor. Complete typing the new vendor name and move to the next field. The new vendor is now created. Once you have saved the page, you can go to your Vendors list page and you will see the new vendor listed. Click on the vendor to edit or add any information to the vendo

Use the exact same procedure for the Category field on the Expenses page, and the Project field on the Tasks page, and start cutting clicks and saving time today!

Sounds good?

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