Running a business is a two-way street. Payments come in; expenses go out. It may sound simple, but with multiple clients, numerous currencies, and who-knows-what expenses, it can actually start to get pretty complicated.

That’s where the importing expenses and vendors feature comes into play. Entering expenses one by one can be time consuming and energy draining, so we’ve created a feature that lets you import your expenses data directly to your Invoice Ninja account by logging in to your bank or credit card account, or importing a .CSV file of your expenses data.


So instead of fiddling around with messy manual entry of your expenses, you can quickly and automatically import them to Invoice Ninja – without all the fuss.

Want to cut down on the fuss even more? No problem. You can also create new vendor entries while you are importing the expenses data. So if there is a new vendor involved, the Invoice Ninja system enables you to import the details of the new vendor, and create a new vendor entry, all while during the import process.

At Invoice Ninja, our main aim is to make your invoicing world a whole lot simpler. That includes your expenses too.

Sounds good?

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