While it’s true that Invoice Ninja keeps track of all your business invoices, payments and expenses since the day you signed up, it’s also true that you’re mostly going to want to know what’s going on in the current fiscal year. How much have I earned this year? How much have I spent on the business this year? These are the kinds of questions that you’ll need the answers to, not just for your own interest, but also for your annual accounting and tax calculations.


So here’s what we’ve done. We’ve programmed Invoice Ninja to support setting the start of the fiscal year. So, the updates to the values that you see on the Dashboard show the totals for the current year only. All the other fantastic features of the Dashboard remain the same – including the ability to jump between the various currencies to see how your business is faring across all the currencies you accept.

But now, by setting the fiscal year as the start date for your totals display, you can view your total revenue, expenses and outstanding payments for only the current fiscal year, giving you exactly the invoicing information you need at first glance.

Sounds good?

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