Keeping control of your invoicing and payments is all about setting limits. It’s about creating the boundaries and guidelines that keep your business headed in the best direction. So, this means you’ve got your own rules about when your payments are due, how to handle overdue payments, and the payment methods you’re willing to accept.


But now, you can get even more specific with your payments by using the Invoice Ninja feature that supports setting gateway limits. The Setting Gateway Limits feature gives you the power to control exactly how much your customer can pay with a certain payment gateway. For example, you can choose to specify that customers can pay up to a certain amount by credit card, and any amount over that limit must be paid by bank transfer.

By setting payment gateway limits, you can better manage your payment gateway fees, and you can enjoy extra freedom to direct your hard-earned cash to the precise bank or credit account that you want. It’s all about creating extra control, and putting that control in your hands. That’s the beauty and power of Invoice Ninja.


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