Just when you feel like you’ve got everything under control, there’s the inevitable, always-present headache called “taxes”. If mention of the word sends shivers down your spine, just remember, you’re not alone!

Now, you can put away your calculator – Invoice Ninja takes time consuming, complicated tax calculations and completes them for you.

One of the complex challenges of invoicing is applying the correct tax rates to various customers, depending upon their location, whether out-of-state or in another country. Also you may need to apply different taxes to different items in the invoice. The beauty of Invoice Ninja’s tax system is its smoothness, allowing you to take all these tax moves into consideration simply and easily.

To set a tax rate, go to Basic Settings > Tax Rates.  Click the blue Add Tax Rate button. Enter the name of the tax and the percentage rate. Then click Save. You can add as many different tax rates as you need.

When you create or edit an invoice, select the relevant tax rate from the drop down menu of the tax field/s. Any tax rates you apply will be instantly and automatically calculated into the subtotals and total figures that appear on the invoice.

On the Basic Settings > Tax Rates page, you have a few options for displaying taxes in your invoices, including specifying a tax that applies to the entire invoice, or enabling display of separate taxes on each item line. If taxes are not a concern (lucky you!) uncheck all the boxes. Otherwise, check the options to create the ideal tax display on your invoices. If a particular tax rate applies to the majority of your customers, you may want to select it as your default tax rate. Then, it will automatically appear on all invoices. If you have no need for a default tax rate, simply leave the default field empty.

Who would have thought that managing multiple tax rates could be so straightforward? Don’t let the confusion of taxes get you down. Take advantage of Invoice Ninja’s automated tax rates to apply taxes to your invoices – with no hassles or dramas.

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