Invoice Ninja v5 is Live!

Invoice Ninja v5 built with Google Flutter

7 years after coming online, open-source platform Invoice Ninja launches a new invoicing platform built with Laravel & Flutter.

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We’re thrilled to release the new Invoice Ninja v5 platform to our self-hosting community!

Invoices sent from your Gmail Account

You asked for it, we built it!
You can now email invoices, reminders, and notifications from your Gmail account!

New “Invoice Life-cycle” Statuses!

We’ve added new “Invoice Life-cycles” to meet a range of global accounting needs:

Create Group Settings

• Define “Group Settings” and customize settings for that group.
• Add or remove clients from different “Groups” to control custom settings at a ‘group’ level in place of client or company level.

Show different company logos & contact details to different client groups, configure unique email reminders to different client groups, setup different payment terms to different client groups, use different languages to different client groups, many use cases!

Payments at Client Level

Expanded Tasks & Projections Functionality

• Entirely new interface, expanded customizations.

Expanded Customization & Advanced Settings

• Increased interlinking up to to 10 companies per account.
• Expanded “Client Portal” functionality & customization.
• Custom invoice designs can be created using HTML/CSS and leverage any CSS framework (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc..)

Additional languages supported