Invoice Ninja v5 Release Candidate 2

Invoice Ninja v5, built with Google Flutter

2021 starts with Invoice Ninja v5 RC2 update!

Flutter is Google’s toolkit for building beautiful natively compiled apps from a single codebase.

Your experience across web, mobile, & desktop app (coming soon) will feel seamless. You can move through your data, creating & editing clients, invoices, payments; navigation feels fluid.

Create Group Settings

Define “Group Settings” and customize settings for that group.

Add or remove clients from different “Groups” to control custom settings at a ‘group’ level in place of client or company level.

Sample cases: Show different company details to different client groups, configure unique email reminders to different groups, setup different payment terms to different groups; many use cases!

Expanded Customization & Advanced Settings

  • Custom invoice designs can be created using HTML/CSS and leverage any CSS framework (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc..)
  • Increased interlinking up to 10 companies per account.
  • Expanded “Client Portal” functionality & customization

Life-cycle of an invoice

In addition to invoice statuses offered in v4, we’ve added new “Invoice Life-cycles” to meet a range of global accounting needs:

  • Cancelled Invoice*
  • Reversed Invoice*
  • Restored Invoice*

Payments at Client Level

  • Apply one payment across multiple invoices.
  • Deposit/retainer can be applied across multiple invoices as needed.
  • Utilize payments & credits with bulk actions against client balances.
  • Many more use-cases possible!

v5 Supported Payment Gateways


*More gateways will be added in future updates.

*Token billing is supported on the above, except Paypal.

*Stripe will support ACH & Sofort (SEPA to be added after testing).

Expanded Tasks & Projections Functionality

Features are Not ‘Yet’ Live in v5 Stable Release Candidate?

  • Banking integrations
  • Proposals
  • Statements
  • More payment gateways coming soon!