Invoice Ninja v5 Release Candidate 2

Invoice Ninja v5, built with Google Flutter

2021 starts with Invoice Ninja v5 RC2 update!

We’re really excited to share the Release Candidate 2 beta of Invoice Ninja v5.- Release:
– Blog:
– Docs:
– Demo:

This will be the last RC beta release until our stable release, hopefully soon… If you’ve been testing the v5 beta please take the opportunity now to report any bugs you’ve found. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues reported ahead of the stable release. To be clear ‘stable release’ does NOT mean we’re finished developing the app, it means that what we’ve built so far is working reliably and will be a good foundation for us to keep developing the app. As always, please tell us what you do and do not like and we’ll do our best to improve it. Thank you for all of your support, we’re very proud of v5. We would never have made it this far without the amazing support of our extremely knowledgeable and helpful open-source community!

Flutter is Google’s toolkit for building beautiful natively compiled apps from a single codebase.

Your experience across web, mobile, & desktop app (coming soon) will feel seamless. You can move through your data, creating & editing clients, invoices, payments; navigation feels fluid.

Create Group Settings

Define “Group Settings” and customize settings for that group.

Add or remove clients from different “Groups” to control custom settings at a ‘group’ level in place of client or company level.

Sample cases: Show different company details to different client groups, configure unique email reminders to different groups, setup different payment terms to different groups; many use cases!

Expanded Customization & Advanced Settings

  • Custom invoice designs can be created using HTML/CSS and leverage any CSS framework (Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc..)
  • Increased interlinking up to 10 companies per account.
  • Expanded “Client Portal” functionality & customization

Life-cycle of an invoice

In addition to invoice statuses offered in v4, we’ve added new “Invoice Life-cycles” to meet a range of global accounting needs:

  • Cancelled Invoice*
  • Reversed Invoice*
  • Restored Invoice*

Payments at Client Level

  • Apply one payment across multiple invoices.
  • Deposit/retainer can be applied across multiple invoices as needed.
  • Utilize payments & credits with bulk actions against client balances.
  • Many more use-cases possible!

v5 Supported Payment Gateways


*More gateways will be added in future updates.

*Token billing is supported on the above, except Paypal.

*Stripe will support ACH & Sofort (SEPA to be added after testing).

Expanded Tasks & Projections Functionality

Features are Not ‘Yet’ Live in v5 Stable Release Candidate?

  • Banking integrations
  • Proposals
  • Statements
  • More payment gateways coming soon!