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Is the freelance life for you?

In many ways, freelancing is a whole lot more attractive than salary-based work. Greater earning potential? More flexibility to do what you want when you want? With perks like those, who wouldn’t opt for the indie life?

However, despite what you might have gleaned from all the inspirational content floating around the web, the freelance life isn’t all sunshine and

There’s a lot of grinding it out, the income is erratic, and being responsible for your own business is a very big deal.

That’s why we've created this truly epic guide to freelancing. It’s loaded with insights and actionable advice to help you overcome some of the toughest freelance challenges, and it even delves into some sobering realities that might make you think twice about working for yourself.

Among the topics covered in the guide:

  • How much money freelancers actually make
  • The top advantages and disadvantages of the freelance life
  • How freelancers find gigs
  • Best practices for client relationship maintenance
  • How freelancers determine their billing rates
  • Making sure you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Getting started with marketing your services
  • The tech tools that freelancers need most