10 Freelancing Business Ideas for the Young and Stylish Trendsetter

You can live your dream life as a freelancer. Whether you want to travel the world or set up a unique business locally, it’s entirely possible to do what you truly love to do and earn good money at the same time. These days, there are so many freelancing business options for the young, stylish, and trendsetting solopreneur.  

If you’re wanting to make your mark in the world and looking for an ideal career path for your skills, lifestyle, and personality, then it’s worth carefully considering some of your options. With a little planning, you can soon be diving into a working lifestyle that energizes you and propels you to financial freedom. It’s doing what you really love to do that makes it so much more likely you’ll achieve your goals.

Ready to wake up each morning excited to start work? Dreaming of building a business that makes you smile when you talk about it? Determined to life live to the fullest and on your own terms?

Freelancing careers for creative trendsetters

Take a look at these 10 potential freelancing career options, all of which are ideal for a creative trendsetting freelancer:

  1. App developer

If you’re proficient in software development and have a creative imagination, then a career as a freelance mobile app developer can be very fulfilling. You’ll get to join with exciting development teams and work on the latest innovations for some amazing new applications (like Invoice Ninja’s invoicing mobile apps), or create and lead one yourself. Some apps have great potential to help people in so many ways, including in regards to health, wellbeing, communication, and productivity.

  1. Brand designer

The role of a brand designer is to define and create a brand identity for a business or individual. As a brand designer you’ll use your creative abilities to draw out the unique selling points and features of a company/person. Features that will resonate with a target audience and which need to be portrayed in all the relevant marketing touchpoints. A brand specialist can then do the work themselves or collaborate with designers and writers. It’s creative, it’s fun, and if you’re good, it can be very lucrative.

  1. Personal fashion stylist

Love fashion? If you’re a fashionista, then a career as a freelance personal fashion stylist could be your dream lifestyle. As long as you have good taste, an eye for details, and eat up the latest fashion and style trends, then you can quickly earn good money. You’ll be helping women (and men) define their style, dress for a special occasion, revamp their wardrobes, and make them feel more confident in how they look. You get to go shopping and get paid for it too! Wow!!

  1. Image consultant

Image consultants guide businesses and individuals with improving their appearances and behaviors. As a freelance image consultant you’d work with people to help them adapt and modify habits and routines related to their looks and etiquette. Some consultants specialize, perhaps focusing on corporate fashion styles, social graces, body language, and more. For freelancers who live and breathe the latest social trends and refined societal norms, then this can be a natural career path.

  1. Home staging consultant

If you love interior design, then a freelancing career as a home staging consultant might be perfect. A home stager works with homeowners to present their home in the best possible way for potential buyers. Their job includes overseeing activities such as decluttering and rearranging, as well as providing purchasing suggestions, cleaning advice, lighting analysis, and more. If you live in or near a big city, you’ll have an endless supply of potential clients.

  1. Lifestyle editorial writer

From fashion, style, pop culture, and music to travel, food, film, and wellness, the job of an editorial lifestyle writer can be a dream for many people. This is especially the case if you gain a great reputation. As a lifestyle editorial writer you can write for magazines and publications about what you love doing, whether that’s traveling to faraway lands, meeting interesting people, sampling wines from different regions, or pretty much anything else… and what’s best, you get paid for it together with your name in print.

  1. Creative copywriter

Another form of writing is copywriting. This is writing to market and sell products and services. There are different types of copywriting but one that’s perfect for creatives and trendsetters is creating short copy for exciting new startups, entrepreneurs, and products. Think of the clever labels you see in the stores and in some brochures, and the fun wording by disruptive brands.

  1. Social media manager

Social media is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere. Most of us have social media accounts, whether Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, among others. And the fact is, most companies need a social media presence in order to reach their target customers. This is where you can come in and help them achieve better results, if you love social media and know how to effectively use it. You can get paid for doing what you do every day, except on behalf of a business.

  1. Event planner

Event planning can a very lucrative career path if you love attending events and parties, and have great organizational skills. It also helps to be an extrovert. Being an event planner involves arranging events for both private and business clients. One week you might be setting up a wedding, and the next, organizing a corporate conference. If you love to arrange parties, then you’ll love this freelancing career path.

  1. Travel expert

If you’re regularly hit with the travel bug, then being a travel expert might be your passport to fun and fortunes. There are a variety of potential freelance travel careers which can suit a number of skillsets and talents. There’s travel photography where you can be hired to take photos in faraway lands. There’s travel and food writing for magazines, as well as your own blog from where you can earn from ads and affiliate offers. You can even be hired to arrange travel for other professionals.

Getting paid to do what you love

As you can see, there are many ways as a young and stylish trendsetter to build a career you truly enjoy. There’s nothing better than waking up each morning excited about the day ahead. It’s a wonderful feeling to realize that your work really isn’t work, but rather a passion which you just happen to get paid for. With some careful planning and an inward look into where your passions lie, you can build the freelancing career of your dreams. Hopefully the above 10 freelance business ideas will inspire something inside you.