BlueVine + Invoice Ninja – The Convenience Factor

When running a small business or freelancing outfit, what’s one of the most critical factors? Cash flow. It’s not just a matter of getting the work done. It’s about getting paid, preferably on time. And while regular, ongoing workflow is ideal, often the reality is that business comes in peaks and valleys. You might be totally busy and overloaded in the weeks before Christmas or summer holidays, only to find that your earnings drop drastically in the month after.


Or perhaps you’ve had to take some time off, and we all know what that means for freelancers. Without paid holiday leave, you need to find ways to keep your cash flow smooth and steady.

And how about the thorn in the side of any business? Clients who haven’t paid on time. The money is owed; you know it’s coming. You just don’t know exactly when. And meanwhile, your own expenses and bills haven’t stopped. What’s a business owner to do?

At Invoice Ninja, we understand the problems faced by freelancers, and we are always working to find effective answers. Now, Invoice Ninja presents a solution to the issue of cash flow, with the help of BlueVine, the leading online invoice factoring service.

BlueVine – Unlock your Cash Flow

What is ‘factoring’? Factoring is receiving advance payments on outstanding invoices, and BlueVine is the ideal online solution for invoice factoring. When you join BlueVine, you gain access to the cash that is tied up in unpaid invoices owed to your business.

Invoice Ninja partners with BlueVine to deliver all the benefits and features of their advance payment service, integrated in your Invoice Ninja invoicing account.

So, what’s in it for you?

With BlueVine, you can receive fast, online financing against your accounts receivable. That’s what ‘factoring’ is all about. And with credit lines between $5000 and $2,000,000, BlueVine gives business owners the peace of mind to focus on growing their business, rather than fretting over money still unpaid.

BlueVine’s factoring solution is simple yet powerful. Opening an account is free, and takes just minutes. Everything is handled completely online. There’s no need to fax or scan or even to pick up a pen. Then, you can apply for advance funding with one or more of your outstanding invoices. The first time, it takes BlueVine 24 hours to give you a response. Once you’ve finished this preliminary check and received a suitable credit line, all future funding requests are handled within an hour. Yes! That’s payment for outstanding invoices in an hour. You can opt to have the funds transferred to your bank account, which takes 1-2 days, or receive the funding by wire on the same day. And when your invoices are paid by the client, BlueVine is reimbursed from your account.

With favorable rates, absolutely no maintenance fees, no prepayment penalties and no unused credit fees, it really pays to work with BlueVine to receive automatic financing for your unpaid invoices.

The ‘Yes’ Factor – Invoice Ninja and BlueVine Team Up for You

BlueVine is now available to Invoice Ninja users direct from your account. As an account owner with Invoice Ninja, you’ll enjoy some important benefits. You may qualify for higher credit lines. And, BlueVine works in sync with Invoice Ninja software to manage your advance payments and reimbursements to BlueVine in one simple click.

Want to sign up today? Here’s how!

When you log in to your Invoice Ninja account, you’ll receive a message to your Dashboard giving you the option to sign up to BlueVine. Click on the sign up link in the message, and complete the few simple steps to get started on your BlueVine account. To find out more about BlueVine, check out their FAQ page, or contact the BlueVine helpdesk.

And, of course, the Invoice Ninja team is always happy to help with any questions or suggestions – about BlueVine, invoice factoring, and anything else about invoicing that’s on your mind. Contact us here.




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