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What Attracts Coders to Open Source

Invoice Ninja Code - Open Source

What Attracts Coders to Open Source Software engineers are generally considered to be a defiant bunch. Whether or not these reputations are legitimate, the stereotypical coder marches to the beat of his own drummer. He keeps odd hours, delivers projects whenever he sees fit, is socially awkward, loves science fiction and is rabidly loyal to […]
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6 Extremely Straightforward Ways to Avoid Freelance Burnout


The month you launch your new freelance business, you’re likely to be (or have been) a jittery, double espresso-fueled, intimidated mess. But you’re also so high on adrenaline that you can crush that initial wave of projects like breakfast cereal and network successfully at conferences, Meetups and happy hours in the same day. You’re inhaling […]
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Why is everyone going freelance?

freelancing new direction

When Joshua Gross tells friends and acquaintances that he is a freelancer, he often receives pitying looks and sometimes even offers of full time jobs. And when he refuses them and says he is perfectly happy with his current arrangement, he gets incredulous looks. But the fact is that freelancing and running small businesses has […]
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