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Itemize Your Freelance Invoices for Clearer Billing and Better Working Relationships

For freelancers, getting paid on-time is of the utmost importance. A clear and detailed invoice encourages timely payment and provides an important financial record for both you and your client. It also lets clients see exactly where their money is going, decreasing the chance of misunderstandings and payment disputes. An itemized invoice can help you […]
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2017 Collaboration Trends: Tech and Non-tech

How business teams coordinate and the technology they use to interact changes rapidly each year. 2017 is definitely not the exception, as teams look for innovative ways to keep tasks on time and meetings productive there are a host of new technology features and new collaboration philosophies that will come in handy. Let’s dive into […]
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What Attracts Coders to Open Source

What Attracts Coders to Open Source Software engineers are generally considered to be a defiant bunch. Whether or not these reputations are legitimate, the stereotypical coder marches to the beat of his own drummer. He keeps odd hours, delivers projects whenever he sees fit, is socially awkward, loves science fiction and is rabidly loyal to […]
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