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Freelancer Guide to Time-Tracking

Time is of the essence is a frequently used term in business, and this is especially the case for freelance professionals. Freelancing usually involves juggling multiple different client projects and tasks at any one moment, with strict adherence to schedules being a vital factor in meeting deadlines and getting paid on time. It’s for this […]
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How to Write the Perfect Project Proposal

Writing a project proposal can be a regular task for freelance professionals. In some industries and especially with larger clients, proposals are a standard process to go through before a new project. Yet they can remain a daunting proposition for many freelancers. When you don’t know how to properly write a project proposal then you’re […]
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10 Apps Every Freelance Professional Needs

Apps and online tools are now an indispensable component for every type of business, not least freelance professionals. There is an app for everything these days and many of our activities, both professional and otherwise, are connected in some way to applications and related software. For freelancers especially, apps provide a vital supportive system that […]
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