Create Projects, Set Tasks, Track Time as your Work

When it comes to running your own freelance business, there’s one thing you can never have enough of: time. Apart from the time dedicated to getting the work done, you also need to manage your schedule, workflow, staff, equipment, expenses and invoicing. It’s hard enough keeping track of everything you need to do. For jobs that you charge by the hour, why not find a better way to keep track of time, so you can invoice with ease?

Create Projects & Set Tasks as your Work

Invoice Ninja gives you the tools to do just that, with the Tasks and Time Tracking feature to help you manage your time and control your invoicing. Create a task, record the time spent, and then convert the task to an invoice with one click. The logged time will be transferred automatically to the invoice. Forget labored calculations, and trying to piece together the time you spent on the job. With Invoice Ninja, it’s all recorded, logged and invoiced in a few simple moves.

To create a task, go to the Tasks tab on the main taskbar and select New Task. Choose the client, and enter the job description. Then select Timer or Manual. If you select Timer, Invoice Ninja’s online stopwatch will begin automatically. You can stop and start as many times as you want, whenever you want. All the time spent on the task will be accrued. If you select Manual, then simply enter the date and time you started and stopped working. You can include as many entries as you want, over any period of time that suits you, be it a day, week or even over a month.

When the job is done and you’re ready to invoice, go to the Tasks page and select the relevant task. Then, hover over the Action column for the task and select Invoice Task. The task details will automatically convert to an invoice. Enter your rate and the invoice is ready – with minimal effort on your part. This leaves you with more time and headspace to keep doing what you love.TimeTracking


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