As a busy freelancer, you work for a variety of clients. Some jobs are one-off, but others are ongoing, whether on a weekly, monthly or other basis. Of course, recurring jobs are often the best jobs, as they provide regular, assured income. But they can also create a massive headache that keeps coming back.

Invoice Ninja offers a simple solution that automatically handles the invoicing process for recurring jobs.Auto-Billing Recurring Invoices

Invoice Ninja’s Recurring Invoice feature automatically creates invoices and sends to the client on a regular, pre-defined basis. For each recurring job, you only need to set up the procedure once. Here’s how it works:

To create a recurring invoice, go to the Invoices tab and select New Recurring Invoice. This will open a Recurring Invoices / Create page. Enter the Client name. Then, to select the frequency of the invoice, click on the arrow on the right hand side of the How Often field. This will open a drop-down menu with a range of options – from Weekly to Annually. Select the right frequency option for this job.

If the job is ongoing indefinitely, select the Start Date and leave the End Date blank. If the job has a set time frame, select the relevant start and end dates. Complete the invoice as usual, and the invoice will be automatically sent to the client according to your chosen frequency.

To edit the invoice frequency, simply click on Invoices, select the relevant invoice from the list, and click Edit Invoice on the Select tab of the Action column.

That’s really all there is to it.

So, next time you feel a recurring invoice headache coming on, remember that Invoice Ninja’s Recurring Payment & Auto-Billing feature is the automatic, one-time-set-up answer that you’re looking for.

Sounds good?

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