Earn Income with Invoice Ninja’s Referral Program

Do you love using Invoice Ninja? Are you recommending our invoicing platform to friends, family, and colleagues?

If so, then why not take advantage of our referral program which allows you to earn money simply by recommending us to other people.

The Invoice Ninja referral program is designed for our customers who know the benefits of a secure, easy-to-use, and multifaceted open-source invoicing platform.

You refer new customers to us and we reward you with 50% of the Pro & Enterprise Plans when your friends join.

And that’s for four years, which means you earn a reoccurring affiliate commission for each of those years. You don’t just get paid once, you get paid multiple times, and there’s no limit to the number of people you can refer.

What is a referral program and how do you earn income?

How affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is where a business pays a commission to a blogger or marketer who refers new customers or clients to the business’s website. The affiliate gets paid when their promotional efforts result in someone making a purchase. The commission is a percentage of the final price.

In our case, as mentioned above, it’s 50%!

The affiliate actively drives traffic to the business’s website through a variety of promotional initiatives. These might include product review blog posts, website banner ads, newsletter sales announcements, social media updates, and numerous other means.

The business (Invoice Ninja in this case) provides a special coded hyperlink with the affiliate’s ID which tracks when a sale is made via a particular link. This allows for automatic recordkeeping and then payment to the relevant affiliate (you!).

And this is precisely how our referral program works.

Except unlike with most referral programs, we pay you not just once but four times, as long as the customer remains with us for those four years.

Benefits of affiliate income

There are numerous benefits for you as a referral partner.

As an affiliate you get to earn more income simply by linking to Invoice Ninja with a special hyperlink code. You don’t need any specialist tools or in-depth knowledge of invoicing to make extra money with genuine recommendations and honest reviews.

You can earn money while you sleep as the links you use can keep on working for you, for years to come, day and night. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer to Invoice Ninja and of course, no limit to the commissions you can earn as a result.

One blog post or landing page can potentially lead to hundreds of referrals over many years, earning you thousands of dollars. That’s the power of passive reoccurring income you can gain through affiliate marketing.

Sites suitable to advertise Invoice Ninja

There’s potential for just about anyone who likes Invoice Ninja to benefit from our referral program.

If you maintain a blog aimed at small business owners, solopreneurs, freelancers, and other professionals, then you’re in a great position to earn affiliate income.

Invoice Ninja’s software helps busy business owners prepare and send invoices, track payments, and record time-billable tasks, and a whole lot more.

Simply by alerting your readers, via your blog, to these benefits and how they have helped your invoicing procedures and time management, you can potentially get a lot of people clicking your affiliate hyperlinks.

Not just this week, but for years to come.

Do you provide insights for freelancers? Do you share financial advice for small business owners? Do you provide helpful business tips for solopreneurs?

If so, there’s huge potential to share the benefits and features of Invoice Ninja with your readers. These are perfect target audiences for our referral program.

How to join our referral program

To join the Invoice Ninja referral program, simply create an account with us and we’ll do the rest.

We will provide you with a referral hyperlink code which you can then use on your website in the form of a text or image link, in as many places as you like.

We’ve even created some smart looking logos and graphics you can use.

Once people are referred to us via your hyperlinks and become paying customers, we’ll send you your well-deserved affiliate earnings.

It’s as simple as that.

Join our referral program today.