At Invoice Ninja, we’re adding new features all the time that let you fine tune every aspect of your invoicing. To create your own, unique invoicing system that totally reflects your business, there are simple tips and tricks you should know. Here’s a couple of ideas to get you going:

For those among us with HTML knowledge, you can now use raw HTML as the content for your email templates. Every email sent on your behalf by the Invoice Ninja system, whether an invoice, quote or payment email, can now be completely customized by you, in raw HTML, giving you greater flexibility to create the result you want. To use raw HTML, go to Advanced Settings > Email Templates & Reminders, and click on the gray Raw button. Then you can insert HTML to your heart’s content.

Here’s another way you can customize Invoice Ninja to your personal preferences. It’s all about currency. Do you prefer to use the symbol ($) or the code (USD)? Now it doesn’t matter which way you prefer, because with Invoice Ninja, you can use either one. This applies to all the currencies available on Invoice Ninja. To choose your preference for symbol or code, go to Settings > Localization. Once you’ve selected the currency, you can choose between the two options – Symbol or Code – right below the Currency field. Check the button for the mode you prefer and you’re all set.

There are so many small ways that Invoice Ninja is a truly personalized, customizable and flexible system. Check out all our Features pages to find out about the thousand-and-one ways you can turn Invoice Ninja into your perfect invoicing home.

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