How Freelancers Can Accept Bitcoin Payments

Freelancers can use Bitcoin to send and receive money from anyone, in any country. The virtual currency is a viable payment method for solopreneurs and business owners to use. Whether it’s being paid for a service you provide or investing in tools and programs for your freelancing business, the digital cash can be used for a wide range of things.

As covered in our previous article, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency gaining popularity and strength as an alternative payment method to traditional currencies. The digital cash has been around since 2008 and continues to grow and develop, both in terms of reach and also in its network structure – the blockchain.

Its decentralized system means no one authority has control over Bitcoin, meaning no single person or group can determine monetary policy or take money away from someone. Payments cannot be blocked. You can send or receive Bitcoin payments from anyone based anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using bitcoin for freelancers and business owners

Bitcoin comes with a number of benefits for both freelancers and the businesses who hire them.

Bitcoin transaction fees (anything from 1 percent to 0 percent) are typically a lot less than standard merchant transaction fees. That’s because Bitcoin doesn’t require bank verification for each transaction.

Bitcoin is fast, very fast. As a freelancer, your money arrives quickly, usually within a few minutes. With no centralized institutions checking each transaction, payment times are much faster than credit card transactions.

As a business or freelancer, you can request and send money to people in just about any country in the world. This does away with the common problem freelancers and businesses face, especially when in different countries, in trying to find a common payment method. Foreign transaction fees are vastly reduced and often made irrelevant, as are many other national restrictions.

This in turn makes cross-border collaborations a lot more attractive and feasible, especially in developing nations.

So how can freelancers accept Bitcoin payments from their clients?


Invoice Ninja & Bitpay

Before creating an invoice for Bitcoin you simply connect your Invoice Ninja account to your Bitpay account. Creating invoices and accepting payments using Bitcoin via is very easy for freelancers, especially with Invoice Ninja and our payment system integrations. With just a minute or two of initial preparation, you can be sending out secure Bitcoin invoices to any client in the world.


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