There is a misconception around the idea of homelessness and what it truly means.

Being homeless cannot be as simply defined as those who live in the streets. The image of people in doorways or sleeping outside has become pervasive and ever present in the minds of citizens around the world.

Becoming homeless is not always related to mental health and/or drug problems as commonly believed. It is more often caused by issues related to losing one's job or the end of a relationship.

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“Some say homeless people are invisible. I say it is us who are blind.”

Andrew Funk
Founder of HomelessEntrepreneur

Homeless people need a support network that provides a different approach, so they can focus on participating as active citizens who are able to pay for their food, clothing and housing on their own. Our approach is built upon the simple ethos that we can “change the world one person at a time.”

Meet some of the homeless entrepreneurs.

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Beto De Souza

Profession: Photographer

Every photographer has a story to tell even if it’s in a CV. Check Beto’s CV out if you’d like to know more about him.

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Guillem Ponsá

Profession: Telecom Technician

“HE was the rope that allowed me to reach the curb."


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