PieSync Integration Benefits Freelancers

For freelance professionals, there’s nothing more important than enjoying a smooth cash flow. Conflicting data, confusing updates, and muddled communications can have a negative impact on both workflow and the resulting payment times.

That’s why at Invoice Ninja we recently integrated with PieSync, a cloud-based two-way data synchronization platform. PieSync allows you to create deep integrations between all the web applications you use for your work. When you update data in one app, the information is automatically and instantly transferred to all your other connected apps.

It doesn’t matter which app you add data to. The updated data will be synced across every platform. When connected with Invoice Ninja, you have the ability to automatically update client contact details and your own income and expenses information, and have this data seamlessly synced to relevant applications.

Benefits of two-way syncing

The benefits of a two-way synchronization between multiple different apps are many and varied. You get to modify and update your contacts and financial data all from one single cloud-based hub, albeit spread across numerous apps. The automatic two-way syncing ability means, for all intents and purposes, your apps become one.

No longer will you need to modify one app and then manually update the changes in another. You can simply update one app and then rest in the knowledge all the changes have been synced with all your different applications. PieSync constantly monitors for changes. This speeds up your workflow by reducing the time you need to spend checking, analyzing, and updating different platforms.

Some of the apps you can sync

PieSync supports more than 100 different apps, as well as the tools we’ve developed here at Invoice Ninja. You can sync client data and the related time-tracking data, income and expenses data, and project management updates.

With PieSync you can also connect with popular and widely-used apps elsewhere in categories such as accounting, email marketing, appointment scheduling, project automation, document signing, e-commerce, and a whole lot more.

Apps you can integrate include MailChimp, Google Contacts, iCloud, Office 365, Constant Contact, Drip, Marketo, Zendesk, and HubSpot, to name but a few.

As you may have noticed, all these applications are diverse and cater to many different requirements, yet all your client project data can still be synced between each and every one.

When you update contact information in Google Contacts, for example, all the updated data will then be automatically synced with your Invoice Ninja dashboard and all the other apps you have connected with.

How Invoice Ninja + PieSync can benefit freelancers in particular

Freelancing is hard work, at least in the first few years of a new career. You’re often working into the evening, not only on client projects but also on self-marketing, bookkeeping, and business management. Every little trick and tactic to speed up your work processes should be enacted.

This is why app integrations such as PieSync are of huge benefit to freelancers, solopreneurs, and small business owners. With Invoice Ninja’s integration, you can manage all your client details from one single location, such as your Invoice Ninja dashboard, and still have all that data automatically synced across every other platform you use.

As a result, you also enjoy more accuracy across the board. Inputting client details and project data into multiple different applications can result in errors and discrepancies, especially when information updates are frequent. Correcting these errors later on can be hugely time consuming and also damaging if you can’t find the source of the problem, in many different and unconnected platforms.

With PieSync and Invoice Ninja, you just enter the data once, and if there is an error, you can correct it in one single location. The corrections are then automatically synced across all the other different apps. This means you can focus on completing exceptional client work and marking your business to the world, without having to spend anxious hours fixing data discrepancies.

Living the freelance lifestyle is also about delegating, automating, and generally making things as easy as possible. Part of working for yourself is getting to enjoy the benefits of being able to modify your schedule to suit your personal preferences, whether you’re at home or on a beach.

Two-way automatic app synchronization allows you to quickly update client data from anywhere in the world and from any device. You do it just once, from one account, and everything is synced, ready for you to easily evaluate in your own time.

What Invoice Ninja + PieSync means for you

Freelancing is an exceptional lifestyle but only if you’re clever with how you run your business. Time is of the essence as a freelancer but with intelligent use of modern technology, cloud-based systems, and app integrations, you can soon enjoy the many benefits a successful freelance business provides.

With Invoice Ninja’s integration with PieSync, you have a fast and reliable way to update and sync all your client data and financial information, across multiple apps. You can do all this from any dashboard you have connected to PieSync, including that of Invoice Ninja.

The result? Better productivity, smoother cash flows, increased data accuracy, and more free time to relax and enjoy life.