With so many incoming requests and outgoing invoices, multiple clients, and concurrent jobs, there must be an easier way to stay on top of your payments. Which have come in, and which are overdue? Which invoices are fully paid, and which have only been partially paid? Do I really need to keep nagging the customer for an outstanding payment? All this stress is handled smoothly and painlessly by the Invoice Ninja auto-reminder system.

In order to get a grasp of which payments are overdue, there’s one simple action you should take every time you create an invoice: enter the due date. Then, by referencing the due date, Invoice Ninja can track where a payment is up to – and you can find out right away with a two-second glance at your Dashboard. When an invoice is approaching the due date, it will be listed in the Upcoming Payments box. The due date has passed with no payment in sight? The invoice will move to the Invoices Past Due box. Finally, the payment arrived! Now the invoice will feature in the Recent Payments box.

Invoice Auto-Reminder Emails

Want to know the best part? To have all that, you really don’t need to do anything more than enter the due date to the invoice when you create it. All the rest happens automatically, while you work, sleep or play. To enter the due date in an invoice, go to the Invoice / Create page. Select the right date from the calendar in the Due Date field, and you’re done. Really.

For Pro Plan users, there’s another powerful advantage. Remember all that nagging you once had to do to remind customers to pay? Well, now it gets done for you via up to three pre-set email reminders. You choose the dates and the message – Invoice Ninja automatically sends the reminders for you. If you are subscribed to the Pro Plan, go to Advanced Settings > Templates and Reminders. Scroll down to the Reminder Emails section, choose your settings and click Save.

It’s no secret that there are some aspects of invoicing that are just plain annoying. Collecting payments is one of them. But with the Invoice Ninja auto-reminder system, it doesn’t have to be!

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