Pro & Enterprise Features

Premium features. 10 invoice templates, custom URL brands, customize invoice design, quotations, multiple user access, attach files to invoices, much more! Tons of features to get you paid!

Create Additional Users & Set Permissions

Enterprise plan subscribers can add up to 20 users and set permissions of what each can edit or view.


Attach 3rd Party Files to Invoices & Expenses

Attach Excel & Word Docs, PSD files, JPG, receipts, and more to your invoices with our file attach function!


Invoice.Services Custom Domain

Build trust with your customers. Email clients their invoices from:


Quotes Convert to Invoices for Payment

Save time and clicks with automatic conversion of quotes to invoices. All the data is carried over for a seamless invoicing experience!


Customize Invoices With Your Brand Logo

Upload your  logo & customize invoice colors to match your brand!


Customize Email Subjects & Body Text

Custom email text & subjects lines on invoice emails. Personalize emails & get paid faster!


Customize Colors to Match Your Brand

Customize your invoices color theme to match your logo & promote client trust!


Attach Invoice .PDFs to Emails

Many clients want PDF files included in invoice emails, you can enable attachments!


Create Quotations & Pro-Forma Invoices

Create quotes & pro-forma that clients can click to approve and convert into invoices!


Password Protect Client-Side Portals

Ensure your clients data is secure & enable password protection for their invoices & payment history!


Create Project Tasks & Track Time Online

Do you invoice your clients per hour or per minute? Create tasks for projects and track your time!


Create Project Tasks & Track Time Online

Save time for real work, not paper. Invoices are created & emailed out to clients with 1-click!


Forever Free Features

100% free. Create invoices online & email for payment, 45+ payment gateways options, free invoice templates, add your logo, product library, currency & tax settings, & more!

Real-time Invoice .PDF Creation

Invoice PDF’s are created automatically in real-time as you type!

Email Invoices with One-Click

Save time for real work, not paper. Invoices are created & emailed out to clients with 1-click!

Multiple Company Support

You can manage multiple companies – up to 5 to be exact – from the same account.

Create Dynamic Reports

Simple, single-click functionality. That’s the Invoice Ninja trademark, and it’s the way we roll with reporting too.

Customize Invoice Fields

You can configure your invoice fields from the ground up, which means you have total customization control.

Dynamic Dashboard Data

Gives you a one-glimpse picture of absolutely everything important that is going on right now with your invoicing.

Create. Send. Get Paid. Start Invoicing!

Create Recurring Invoicing & Auto-Bill Clients

Client-Side Portal & Invoices History

Accept Deposits & Partial Payments

Invoice Payment Auto-Reminder Emails

Alerts When Client Views & Pays Invoices

View Client Geodata in Maps

WePay Payments Platform

Enabling/Disabling Nav Modules

Set Payment Gateway Limits

Invoice Checkbox & Signature

Support Setting Fiscal Year Start

Importing Expenses & Vendors

Enable/Disable Recurring When Cloning an Invoice

Save Table Rows and Sort Fields

Create Custom Payment Options

Enable Setting Raw HTML for Email Templates

Keyboard Shortcuts

Bluevine Invoice Factoring

Filter Clients & Invoices by Status

Accounts Aging & Client Statements

Bulk Emailing Invoices & Quotations

Enable Setting ‘BCC’ Address for Invoice & Quote Emails

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