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How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Crippling Anxiety

One of the most common mental health conditions to cripple an entrepreneur’s progress is anxiety. Just like with clinical depression, anxiety can wreak havoc with the best laid plans and intentions when it comes to growing and maintaining a successful business. As with all mental conditions and illnesses, anxiety isn’t about being strong or weak. […]
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Coping with Depression as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is wildly exhilarating. Entrepreneurship is full of challenges that some personality types thrive on. While it’s exciting, it’s also a lot of hard work and can be very lonely when you’re working long hours away from your family. If you’re susceptible to depression, then facets of a pressurized entrepreneurial lifestyle can act […]
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Short & Sweet reviews of our favorite books for entrepreneurs. This weeks review: PRESENCE: BRINGING YOUR BOLDEST SELF TO YOUR BIGGEST CHALLENGES by Amy Cuddy 4 out of 5 NINJA STARS ABOUT THE AUTHOR  Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Business School professor and social psychologist. A sought-after writer and speaker, she researches how non-verbal behavior and snap […]
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6 Ways Great Invoicing Software Builds Client Confidence

Client confidence is everything when providing services to clients. From the billed work itself to your communication processes and invoicing procedures, every touchpoint needs to work seamlessly towards creating a favorable impression. You can be excellent in whatever it is you do but failure to maintain strong client relations can create fractious feelings and break […]
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Top 10 Ways to Deal with Angry Customers

Every company in the world faces angry customers, no matter how exceptional they are at what they do. Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a larger team, it’s inevitable you’ll one day find yourself on the phone listening to an irate voice on the other end of the line. Sometimes the issue really is […]
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6 Benefits CrossFit Brings to Stressed Out Entrepreneurs

One of the most popular types of exercise for entrepreneurs and business leaders is CrossFit. This high-intensity, varied, and results driven exercise program helps people boost their fitness levels in the shortest time frame possible. It’s not for the faint hearted. In fact, it’s a lot of hard work but for stressed out entrepreneurs who […]
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Why CrossFit is a Natural Fit for Entrepreneurs

One of the most popular forms of fitness training among successful entrepreneurs is CrossFit. The strength and conditioning exercise program is highly intensive and competitive, and in many ways mirrors the realities of running a business. CrossFit incorporates elements from a number of different disciplines including weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, running, and high-intensity interval training. […]
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Invoice Ninja v2.0

We’re excited to announce that we’re starting work on a major redesign of Invoice Ninja! By upgrading to the latest and greatest web technologies we’ll be able to provide more features at a faster rate. We’re a small team, accomplishing this task will requires us to slow down feature development of the current version while […]
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Emotional Intelligence & Solopreneurs

Solopreneurs are usually intelligent people. Many have above average IQs. Creating a successful business requires intelligence, creativity, insight, and copious amounts of logic. However, a high IQ alone is not necessarily a marker for success. The most successful solopreneurs have something else – a high emotional intelligence (EQ). Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage […]
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