Auto-billing 101

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Simply the Best: Auto-Billing at Your Fingertips If you have clients that need to be billed on a regular basis, then you know exactly how time consuming this can be. First, you have to keep their credit card or bank details on file. Next, you must remember the date of the upcoming invoice. And then, […]
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How to Calculate the Monetary Value of Your Time


With great freedom comes great responsibility. Freelancers can earn more, can set our own schedules and can have more creative freedom, but as masters of our own destinies, we get no paid sick leave, no built-in retirement plans and no guaranteed wages. That last one is an especially powerful factor, as it’s impossible to predict […]
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3 Benefits of Freelancing at a Co-Working Hub


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the freelancer’s life is the ability to work from anywhere, and increasing numbers are finding personal fulfillment and business success thanks to the rise of co-working. Sure, for many of us, non-virtual tasks are big parts of what we do, from networking and lining up clients to making […]
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What Attracts Coders to Open Source

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What Attracts Coders to Open Source Software engineers are generally considered to be a defiant bunch. Whether or not these reputations are legitimate, the stereotypical coder marches to the beat of his own drummer. He keeps odd hours, delivers projects whenever he sees fit, is socially awkward, loves science fiction and is rabidly loyal to […]
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