We are a technology company.

We launched in early 2014 to build apps for freelancers & small-businesses: Invoicing, quotations, proposals, time-tracking, project management. From the very beginning we worked to make Invoice Ninja different.

We offer a nearly limitless free program to our SaaS User-base.
Being open-source, we offer Users the option to self-host the Invoice Ninja platform on their own servers.

As a small business tech company we build and refine the tools our Users request week to week. Freelancer? Small team? Medium-sized company? Digital nomad traveling the globe?

We have the tools you need to facilitate business & get paid.

Boot-strapped & Open-source

Fast forward 4 years and 60,000+ Users, and we’ve created a suite of business tools we believe in and love. Our now advanced invoicing software easily rivals the largest companies in our industry, despite having just a fraction of the funding they do. We did all this by developing Invoice Ninja as an open-source platform.

The open-source nature of our developmental process allows for a level of testing and quality assurance companies many times our size are just not able to match. When we deploy our latest release to production updates, it has already been tested by thousands of developers around the world deployed across thousands of servers.

The result? The perfect invoicing and payments experience, with every tool & feature you could possibly need, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Personal support and fast communication

We’re a small team of three founders – Hillel, Dave, and Shalom.

When you talk with us, you’re talking with the founders. Real people who build the apps, friendly and professional, who have your best interests at heart. Email us for support and we – the co-founders – will reply faster than any of our larger competitors.

Getting paid should be fun. Less time working, more time living.

We’re Guided by Our Users

We build new features and functionality every month. Features that people have, quite literally, asked for.
Our business is guided by our users’ feedback.
If we can add a useful feature, email us, and we'll do our best to make it happen.

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