Bootstrapped, Not VC Funded

We're a small boot-strapped team building a product we believe in & love. We listen to our community of users, we react to our users, and we answer to no one but our users.

Being a small & lean team, and with incredible support from our open-source community, we've been able to develop a dynamic robust platform that rivals any VC funded competitor.

We're lean & mean

We’re a small team of 3 founders: Hillel, Dave, Shalom. Talking with us is talking with the founders, not hired-in or out-sourced support staff. Email us for support and we, the co-founders, will [strive] reply within minutes.

We don't believe in "tier 1" or "tier 2" support, we believe in immediate and clear communication for each & every Invoice Ninja user, as fast as possible.

Open-source? How does that help?

Before we entered the market there were two distinct platforms available: hosted SaaS apps running in the cloud, and open-source solutions running on personal servers. Invoice Ninja is the first and only invoicing platform offering both hosted and self-host solutions.

Being open-source enables a level of testing and QA which companies many times our size aren’t able to match. When we deploy our latest release to production it’s already been deployed and tested by thousands of developers around the world.

We Listen to Our Users

We build new features & functionality weekly/monthly that people literally ask for.
Our business is guided by our users feedback, period.
If we can add a useful feature, email us, we'll do our best to make it happen.

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