Pricing Update Jan 1, 2020

More than invoicing! Since our launch in 2014, community members like yourself have helped us to build the best suite of apps for small businesses. As we continue to build features for our v2 launch in 2020, beginning January 1st, Pro & Enterprise Plans pricing will be modestly adjusted:

Pro Plans will adjust from $8/ month to $10/ month.

Enterprise Plans will adjust per User # tiers:

▪ 1-2 Account Users: $14/ month

▪ 3-5 Account Users: $26/ month

▪ 6-10 Account Users: $36/ month

▪ 11-20 Account Users: $44/ month

Annual upgrade to lock-down current pricing!

As a valued community member, we would like to give you the opportunity to lock-in our current pricing for 12 months by upgrading to an annual payment plan. Remember, you pay only 10 months + receive 2 months free!

Self-hosting Users white-label licensing will adjust to $30/ year.

v2 Roadmap 2020

Migrating to v2 will be painless! With one click your account data & settings will be transferred to the new v2 app. You’ll be able to test the migration process by viewing your data in a staging environment until you’re satisfied that all data looks good!

Core additions coming in v2

▪ Send emails directly from Gmail accounts

▪ Payments can be applied across multiple invoices

▪ Account Sub-Users can belong to multiple companies

▪ Groups to provide bulk control of settings

▪ Easier to use custom invoice designer UX

▪ Single Google Flutter codebase powering native web, desktop, & mobile apps

The new v2 documentation

New v2 API docs are available

We’ve created a v2 branch on our GitHub repository for the PHP/Laravel backend

Work for the Dart/Flutter frontend can be followed here on the develop branch

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