So a client is interested in hiring you for a gig. But first, they want to know what’s involved. How much time will it take? What kind of services will it entail? And – bottom line – how much will it cost? Including taxes? This is the kind of information you can provide with ease, by using Invoice Ninja’s Quotes feature, available to Pro Plan users.

And the news just keeps getting better! Your customer has accepted the quote. At Invoice Ninja, we know how precious your time is. So, when it comes to sending the invoice, we’re not going to ask you to retype all the quote info into a new invoice. All the information has already been entered in the quote. What you need to do is convert the quote to an invoice.

8We’ve created the Quotes Conversion to Invoices function, so you can transfer all of the quote information into a new invoice, without needing to enter it again.

Here’s how it works: To convert a quote to an invoice, click on the Quotes tab. Go to the relevant quote in the list, and click on the gray Select button that appears in the Action column for the quote. A drop down menu will open. Click on Convert to Invoice, and a new invoice will be generated instantly, based on all the information that appeared in the quote, including client information, dates, items, unit costs, number of units, tax information, total amount and more. (Of course, you can edit any information on the invoice, just as you would if you’d created a new invoice from scratch.)

At Invoice Ninja, when we talk about streamlining, we mean it. From creating a client, to creating a quote, to converting the quote to an invoice, sending the quote, and receiving payment – think of Invoice Ninja as one great invoicing breeze that carries you along the entire process.

Sounds good?

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