Speed Up Payment Times with Invoice Auto-Reminder Emails

Tired of continually writing reminder emails to late paying clients? What if there was a way to automate the process? A way where you’d write a series of email templates once, and then they’d continue working for you, week in and week out. Well, there is, with invoice auto-reminder emails.

For busy freelancers and service business owners, it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. From client work to family life, there always something to do or catch up on. For many solo entrepreneurs, that includes the writing and sending of invoices. Unfortunately, some clients don’t pay their invoices on time and this requires you to dispatch reminder emails.

Invoice Auto-Reminder Email Templates

Thankfully, this needn’t waste your time or distract your focus away from the important things, like earning more money. At Invoice Ninja we have an invoice auto-reminder email feature which allows you to send reminder emails to late-paying clients, without lifting a finger.

You set it all up once, and then it continues to work for you without you having to do anything else until after the final reminder has been sent.

No longer do you need to worry about writing individual reminder emails and wondering when, how, and if to send them. The automation process allows you to use a standard reminder template email which is automatically customized to the particular client, their business, and the relevant invoicing dates and details.

This makes invoice reminder emails less of an ongoing hassle and allows you to calmly dictate your terms before problems even arise.

So how can you speed up payment times with invoice auto-reminder emails using Invoice Ninja?

How to Set Up Automatic Invoice Reminders Using Invoice Ninja

With an Invoice Ninja Pro account, members can create a series of up to three invoice email reminders that will be automatically sent on a certain number of days after an invoice is due. The timing schedules are completely up to you. The automatic invoices can be fully customized, including the subject line and the body text, allowing for unique messages as each deadline approaches or passes.

Auto-reminder invoice emails can be created in Invoice Ninja via the Templates and Reminders section under Advanced Settings in the Settings menu. The three reminders can be created separately and customized further with modifications to fonts, colors and text formatting.

In the main Invoice Ninja dashboard, you’ll see all the invoices that have been sent out already, as well as the upcoming and past due payments. This bird-eye view allows you to keep track of all invoices and payments, including the invoice auto-reminder emails.

What to Write in Your Email Invoice Reminders

Invoice Ninja allows three automatic email reminders to be sent out but what should you write in each one? Can the same text be used for all three? Or would an escalating level of tone and message be more beneficial as each email is sent?

You might consider the following:

First Message: Polite reminder

This is sent a day or two after your payment was due, but which hasn’t yet been paid. The first message is intended as a polite reminder that you haven’t yet been paid. Busy people do genuinely forget or accidentally mislay information, and once reminded they quickly make the payment. It’s therefore important, especially with ongoing clients, to not be accusatory or abrupt in tone.

Second Message: Firm reminder

This is sent a predetermined number of days after the first reminder. You’ve given them the benefit of the doubt and also waited for their weekly invoicing schedule to pass, and yet they still haven’t paid. Things now get more serious. The tone needs to remain polite but also much firmer in its voice. Remind them of your previous email reminder. Phrases such as ‘seriously overdue’ might be applicable as well as reminders of your payment conditions, including late payment fines.

Third Message: Final reminder

This final warning is sent when you personally deem a late payment to have crossed an unacceptable red line. If another week or two have gone by, then there’s a danger they might not be intending to pay. In this case you give them one final reminder and warning. This can include a set time period after which continued non-payment will result in legal action.

The Benefits of Automatic Invoice Reminder Emails

Automatic invoice reminder emails give you control over both the payment process and your time, a monetary value in itself. They ensure speedy payment and allow you to focus on your business. If the time comes to pursue late payment by more direct means, you’ll also have a full email record of the reminders sent.

Write the reminders once, set the desired time frames, and you’re good to go. Invoice Ninja will do the rest.