Credit cards are handy inventions, and for freelancers, they are a huge boon when clients need to pay you from afar. But they also come with extra fees. If you choose to offer a credit card payment option for your customers, you may also want to apply a fee to offset the extra cost to you. In many countries and states where this is allowed, Invoice Ninja now offers a feature that supports the addition of a credit card fee to your invoices, automatically and smoothly.

Payment Gateway FeesTo create a gateway fee, go to Basic Settings > Online Payments. Check the box to enable Gateway Fees.

Gateway FeesOnce the gateway fees are enabled, you can enter or adjust the fees via the list of payment gateways, situated just below on the same page. Go to the relevant gateway entry, click the grey Select button in the far right Action column, and select Set Credit Card Limits/Fees.

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