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WePay + Invoice Ninja = You.Get.Paid.

At Invoice Ninja, we get where you’re coming from. Running a business is serious business. Time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it. Managing your workload is a daily challenge. That’s why we’ve developed the world’s simplest, most intuitive invoicing system to meet the needs of freelancers and business owners everywhere.

And now, just when you thought that invoicing couldn’t get any simpler, Invoice Ninja has partnered with WePay to bring you fast, convenient, native payments processing that will take your business to the next level.

Not Hours, Not Minutes – Start Getting Paid Now!

Even in our instant, online world, getting paid via the internet is overly complicated and takes too long. Here’s the typical scenario for your average business owner: first, select a payment gateway. Next, set up an account, wait 3-4 days for approval. Then, copy and paste the gateway API into your invoicing platform. NOW, you can receive payments. What’s that, you say? You want to accept customer payments today?

Have you fallen asleep yet? Frustrated? Don’t worry, so are we. And that’s where Invoice Ninja and WePay enter the picture.

WePay is one of the world’s most popular, reliable and trusted online payment providers. And now, WePay is native inside Invoice Ninja, providing 100% seamless, integrated payments processing via credit card or ACH bank transfer – directly from your Invoice Ninja account. What does that mean for you as a business owner? It means instant sign up and onboarding, so you start receiving payments NOW. Not next week, not tomorrow, not this afternoon. Now.

Come Inside! It’s Cozy in Here.

The WePay back office is fully integrated inside the Invoice Ninja platform. To start getting paid now, all you need to do is enable WePay to accept credit cards and/or bank transfers on your behalf. And you can do that without even leaving the Invoice Ninja site. How? It’s as simple as checking a few boxes in your Invoice Ninja account.

Go to Basic Settings > Online Payments, and you’ll see the Accept credit cards option, with 5 major credit cards listed. Check the credit cards you want to accept, and then you’ll be prompted to complete your WePay account set up – in the familiar, friendly Invoice Ninja environment you’ve come to know and love. There’s no annoying redirects, no waiting for approval, and no need to re-verify your personal and financial details.

If you want to accept bank transfers, check the ACH box. Without leaving your Invoice Ninja account, and without having to log in or sign up anywhere else, you can now complete all the details of your bank account to enable bank transfer payments from your customers.

Simplified, streamlined, smooth. That’s what the Wepay + Invoice Ninja alliance is all about.

Let’s talk pricing: 2.9% per transaction, no monthly fee.

So the WePay option is way more simple and convenient than any other gateway you’ve tried before. Surely this means more out of your pocket, right? Wrong! WePay’s approach to fees is as comfortable and transparent as its approach to payments.

There’s no fees “structure”. No complex charts or tables to digest. No unexpected surprises. Forget ongoing monthly fees, and sign up is completely free. Just a clear, flat fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with any of your selected credit cards. WePay pricing is the competitive with most payment gateways, which means you get the added bonus of native payments processing within your Invoice Ninja account – at no extra cost. Just pay as you go, per transaction, with no hidden charges, ever. Now that’s what we call transparency!

That’s all very nice, but…show me the money!

We could go on and on about the magic of WePay and Invoice Ninja together, but let’s get to the bottom line. The payment. The money. In your account. That’s what it’s all about, and that’s where WePay delivers. Why wait longer than you have to? See your payments come in on a regular, reliable, and predictable schedule. WePay transfers funds daily, so the funds will generally show up in your bank account within 2 business days of settlement. Or, increase your control by opting to receive payments weekly or monthly. The choice is yours! We’re just here to make it happen for you.

Make your customers very happy:)

We’ve discussed the tons of benefits that WePay gives you, the business owner. But how about your customers? Luckily, WePay and Invoice Ninja have come up with the most convenient and hassle-free way for your customers to pay. We’ve minimized click throughs. We’ve cut down on annoying redirects that make customers (and your conversion rate!) disappear. With Invoice Ninja, “one-click” is not a buzzword – it’s a lifestyle.

When you send an Invoice Ninja invoice to your customer, they open it inside the Invoice Ninja Client Portal. With other payment gateways, the customer then has to leave the invoice page and log in to their gateway account in order to pay. Not anymore. WePay is native to Invoice Ninja, so your customers can pay you directly from the invoice. All they have to do is click the Pay Now button that appears on the top right hand side.

Next, a payment window will open – still inside the Invoice Ninja site. The customer enters their credit card or bank account details, and submits the information. The payment happens here and now. For the customer, there’s no hassle of setting up an account, leaving the Invoice Ninja site, logging in to another account, or any other time-consuming, click-consuming action. It’s as simple as opening the invoice and doing the one-click dance with Invoice Ninja. And that means your payment will come faster, and your customer will be happier. A classic win-win situation.

We’re here for you!

We’ve made getting paid simple, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never have any questions. Feel free to contact the Invoice Ninja team here with any queries, suggestions, problems, or just to let us know how the WePay experience is working for you. Or check in to our support forum here and get help from our friendly open-source community. You’ve also got the added advantage of the award-winning WePay support service available 365/24/7. If you prefer to talk to WePay direct, that’s cool with us. Their all-star team loves to respond within 24 hours. Email [email protected] or go here to submit a query via the WePay website.

Sounds good?

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