6 Ways Great Invoicing Software Builds Client Confidence

Client confidence is everything when providing services to clients. From the billed work itself to your communication processes and invoicing procedures, every touchpoint needs to work seamlessly towards creating a favorable impression. You can be excellent in whatever it is you do but failure to maintain strong client relations can create fractious feelings and break previously strong bonds of trust.

Unlike a one-time sale, working with clients as a freelancer or solopreneur, is an ongoing process and requires long-term cultivation. At Invoice Ninja, we’ve understood from the very beginning how important software and technology can be when it comes to instilling confidence in your clients and customers. We’ve worked hard to develop systems which make the invoicing process not only easy and effective for you but, perhaps even more importantly, easy and effective for your clients.

How great invoicing software can build client confidence

Great invoicing software plays a big part in making you look the ultimate professional in a client’s eyes. A happy client is one who is not only delighted with the results you achieve for their business or lifestyle, but also in how you work together. When you make their lives easier by reducing confusions, mouse clicks, and time wastage, then you’re going to be seen as irreplaceable, even if you sometimes make mistakes with their projects.

So how can Invoice Ninja help you build and further strengthen client confidence in your brand?

Here are just 6 ways our cloud-based software can help you.

  1. Support your unique brand identity

Appearances matter, especially in business. Invoices, together with estimates, quotes, deposits, and proposals, are some of the most frequently seen features of your business brand. Your clients will have seen many invoices in their time and if yours doesn’t match up with their expectations of a professional brand, then their perceptions of your ability will be negatively affected.

Our invoice templates have been professionally designed to both stand out and also support your unique brand identity. You can customize the existing color schemes to match with your brand look and also adjust fonts and styling. There’s also space to add your logo.

  1. Enable clear formatting and itemization

Part of a great invoice design is the ability for the client to quickly and easily find the information they need to make a payment. There’s nothing worse for a busy client to be faced with a poorly formatted and hard to decipher invoice which leaves them with no alternative but to contact you for clarifications. The moment you make your client work harder than necessary, you are on a slippery slope.

Our invoices have been designed so you can itemize the various different parts of a project and tally up the different prices to automatically reveal an accurate partial or final total. This is easy for you and makes things a lot clearer for your client. Clarity builds confidence, particularly when it comes to money.

  1. Maintain easy payment systems and multiple gateways

As well as being able to clearly view what they’re paying for, a client also appreciates an easy system of payment. The faster they can pay, the faster they can get on with doing other things. When you make the system of payment laborious, especially over time, then the client will begin to have frustrations. The likelihood of late payments will increase.

With Invoice Ninja, the client can pay directly via the invoice itself, by simply clicking a link. We support more than 45 payment gateways which allow your clients, anywhere in the world, to pay you within a few minutes. Such seamless payment processes make a job well done even sweeter for both parties.

  1. Ensure complete transparency

A lack of clarity regarding completed payments and what is still outstanding can leave clients unsettled. If they have poor record keeping skills themselves or are not that accustomed to the invoicing process (B2C clients for example) then there can be an underlying feeling of uncertainty, and even mistrust, present.

At Invoice Ninja, we’ve developed a secure client-side portal which allows your clients to see all their transactions with you in one glance. They can view previous payments and those still to be made, as well as deposits, partial payments, retainer invoices, and quotes. It’s all very easy for your client to use and boosts your professional image while also allaying any payment concerns.  

  1. Increase speed

In the olden days – a few years ago – business owners used Excel and similar programs to create invoices and record income and expenses. This would require manually inputting data and creating a completely new invoice for every client, which was quite a chore.

With Invoice Ninja you can store a whole library of templates related to project types, tasks, and client data. You can send out a dozen or more invoices at any one time, and set up email automation and recurring billing systems, among other things. This speed and efficiency will be noticed by your clients. They’ll receive your invoices within minutes, with your great work fresh in their minds, rather than days later when they’re focused on something else.

  1. Enjoy professionalism from start to finish

Many of your clients will be working with other service providers. They’ll be accustomed to receiving invoices and making payments. If your invoices look shoddy and the process of making a payment is overly complicated, then their impressions of your brand will be clouded. After all, they’ll naturally be comparing your invoicing and payment processes to the best they’re accustomed to.

By using great invoicing software such as Invoice Ninja’s SaaS cloud invoicing platform, you can strengthen the image of your brand. You’ll come across as the ultimate professional which will build client confidence in your abilities. A relaxed and happy client is the best type of client.  

Strengthening client confidence in your business

Strengthening client confidence in your brand is vitally important. This is not only imperative at the beginning of a working relationship, but also during the project stages and after, especially if you want repeat business. Whether it’s an estimate, a proposal, a deposit invoice, a partial total invoice, or a final invoice, the document should look good and match with your high-quality brand identity.

Together with smooth payment processes, beneficial app integrations, client portal transparency, quick delivery methods, and of course great project work, you’ll be seen as irreplaceable. And that’s when your career can become even more lucrative than it is today.