How Cloud Invoicing Software Can Simplify Your Small Business

Cloud-based invoicing software makes everything about running a business so much easier. You can simplify a range of processes that allow you to reduce the amount of time you spend at your desk. Cloud invoicing also means your data is secure and will not be lost forever if your laptop is stolen or suddenly stops working.

These are just some of the benefits cloud invoicing software can bring but there many more, which we outline below. When it comes to accounting, billing, time tracking, and project management, using cloud-based software can really help you get to grips with the challenges of dealing with multiple clients at any one time.

Simplifying your business processes should always be a priority. Doing so can benefit your productivity and the quality of your output.

Here are some examples of how.

Invoice from anywhere

The dream of many a solopreneur or freelancer is to work from anywhere, free from the shackles of an office. One day you’re working from the comfort of your home and the next you’re traveling to a fascinating conference or taking a well-earned vacation. Wherever you go, with cloud-based invoicing, you can still send invoices in a matter of minutes before then getting on with your day.

Whether it’s from your home office or from the beach, your cloud invoicing procedures are just the same and all the relevant data is within easy reach. This means you don’t have to worry about clogging up your computer or your bags with multiple files and folders associated with different client details and what they need to pay.

Create invoices in just a couple of minutes

The invoicing procedures of old could often take a long time and involve writing the same invoice details over and over again. You would use Word and Excel documents to create a rudimentary invoice before adding the many varied items of data required. You’d also need to start a completely new document if you wanted to change an estimate or quote into a deposit or final invoice.

With cloud invoicing, you can create invoices in just a couple of minutes. You can store all the details of your regularly utilized services in a huge cloud library complemented with an easy-to-use tagging system. All data related to hours spent on a project are automatically added to the invoice, as are other types of data including client details, invoice numbers, payment terms, and more.

Easier for clients to pay

Cloud-based invoicing not only makes it easier for you to send invoices but also makes it easier for your clients to pay them. With Invoice Ninja, for example, you can include a link within the invoice which allows the client to simply click a button and make an immediate payment, right there and then. You can connect with multiple payment gateways and offer a payment solution that is best for you and your client.

All payment details are automatically tracked and recorded, allowing you to focus your mind on other things without worrying about adding notes or tallying up totals.

Your client is also left impressed with just how easy it is to work with you, including when it comes to payments. This can make a great long-term impression. Good client relationships go a long way to boosting the power of your brand.

View everything in one place

Cloud invoicing software allows you to see everything in one place – or in the case of Invoice Ninja, all on one dashboard. There’s just one point of focus, which allows you to control all aspects of both your invoicing procedures and also connected time-tracking and project management functions.

For example, we provide time-tracking software and Kanban Boards which automatically transfer data between one another and are accessible from the same location. You get to see all your expense receipts and you can even import data from your bank accounts. Everything tied to finances can be accessed via your invoicing software dashboard.

Automate processes

Time is of the essence when you’re a solopreneur or freelancer. Every minute counts and that’s why you need as many automation tools as you can get your hands on. With cloud-based invoicing, these tools usually come as standard. They do with Invoice Ninja, where we provide automation possibilities for numerous processes and actions.

For example, when a client fails to pay an invoice on time, you can have a series of late payment reminders sent out automatically on set dates. You can also set up reoccurring billing whereby your cloud-based software automatically sends an invoice on the same day every week or month. From automatic late payment fees to immediate quote-to-invoice conversions, there are a variety of ways in which online invoicing can speed up your processes.

Track every minute you’re working

Time-tracking is essential when you’re working with clients. Knowing how much time you spend on billable tasks or self-marketing strategies allows you to streamline your workflow and earn more money. Normally you might use a time-tracking app or even just a stopwatch.

With cloud invoicing software, like Invoice Ninja, you can use an integrated time tracking system. This tracks your time according to different tasks or clients, and automatically transfers the recorded time data into the relevant invoices.

You never lose a second. All the information you need is stored so you can accurately invoice clients and analyze your workflow.

Cloud-based invoicing

Cloud invoicing software fulfils numerous requirements for a busy solopreneur or freelancer. From fast location-independent billing and app integrations to automations and easier payment methods for your clients, online invoicing does it all, and a whole lot more.