Invoice Ninja + Integromat: How Automation Can Make Invoicing Even Easier

If you’re running a business and you’re not automating your financial processes, then you’re losing money. It’s as simple as that. In the time it takes to manually input client data or transfer invoicing information from one platform to another, you’ve lost billable minutes. And these lost minutes add up over the span of a month, into hours or even days.

Automation really is key to success and that’s why at Invoice Ninja we recently integrated with online automation platform Integromat, and the results, we have to say, are pretty special.

When you connect to Integromat, via Invoice Ninja, you can automatically modify and transfer invoice data to the different cloud-based apps and tools you use to run your business. Everything you might handle manually, from adding a new data row in Excel to saving invoice copies in Dropbox, can now be completely automated.

The best bit is, you simply set it all up once (which is very easy) and then it goes to work for you without any further required intervention. It works day and night, 24 hours a day. This saves you copious amounts of time which can then be redirected into billable work, marketing, or leisure activities.

Invoice Ninja’s integration with Integromat allows you to transfer all your invoicing data to just about any other app or platform you use. You can also transfer time and project management data, as calculated using Invoice Ninja’s specialist time-tracking and Kanban Board software.

You’ll get to see in real-time how your apps are processing and working together.

So what are some of the particular ways Invoice Ninja customers can benefit from our integration with automation platform Integromat? Here are a few of the apps you can integrate:

Google Sheets

Every time you create a new invoice with Invoice Ninja, you can automatically have Integromat add it to a row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. The format of the data transferred can be customized to fit existing spreadsheets, with as much or as little data shared as you desire. At the same time, the invoice information will also be saved as a PDF and uploaded to Box as well as being sent to an email address of your choice.


If you sell products directly from a website, then you can use Integromat to automatically create a new invoice in Invoice Ninja every time a new order is created. It doesn’t matter how many products you sell, what you sell, or how many people buy at any given moment, the invoices will be automatically created in real-time, ready for you to view.

You can also set the integration to automatically create a new product in Invoice Ninja’s database when a product is added to your WooCommerce account.


Let’s say you want to save all new invoices to Dropbox. You can set Integromat to automatically download all the new Invoice Ninja invoices you create and then upload them to Dropbox. You can even specify the exact folder to which they should be placed.


If you use the popular SuperSaaS appointment scheduler, then every time you add a new client there, Integromat will automatically add the client’s details to your Invoice Ninja account. This means the client data is identical across both platforms and avoids any potential discrepancies and misunderstandings, especially when it comes to invoice details.


When sales are at the forefront of your mind, then you need all your client data accurate and synchronized. You can automatically transfer client data from the sales management platform PipeDrive straight into your Invoice Ninja account, and vice-versa. This allows you to track your progress in terms of your sales process and the details of your various clients in relation to payment scheduling and project management.


Collaboration. It’s often a vital element of being a successful business owner. If you work in teams, then integrating the popular collaboration platform Slack with your Invoice Ninja account will be a great time-saver. You can share updates with Slack about when invoices have been created, modified, and sent, as well as share relevant details with team members or collaboration partners.

These are just a few examples. There are hundreds more.

Invoice Ninja + Integromat

Integromat can be integrated with most of the major apps and tools used to run businesses online worldwide. As well as those mentioned above, you can also transfer data to and/or from Invoice Ninja from platforms such as Office 365 Mail, Google Contacts, Evernote, WordPress, Constant Contact, Twilio, Trello, Merk, ActiveTrail, and even a number of neutral apps, such as HTTP.

Running a business is hard work at the best of times. Automation can make your life so much easier, and best of all, it’s all so easy to set up, especially when it comes to your invoicing processes. At Invoice Ninja, we have many different forms of automation you can take advantage of, from late payment reminders and recurring invoicing to automatic late fees and gateway fees.

And now, there’s also our integration with Integromat, which allows for automatic transfer of data between a variety of diverse apps and your invoicing dashboard.

With Invoice Ninja, invoicing just gets easier and easier.