10 Ways Invoice Ninja Benefits Busy Work-at-Home Moms

Working from home is distracting enough without children but when you’re a work-at-home mom, distraction is taken to a whole new level. There are a million and one things to do when looking after babies or toddlers, and work needs to be fitted around these activities.

When time is at a premium, it’s vital to place your focus on the most important tasks and find ways to speed up processes. Doing so will allow you to increase your workflow and improve your cash flow, while not impinging on caring for your children. For work-at-home moms, tools and software can be extremely beneficial when it comes to getting client work done on time and finding more moments in which to rest.

Invoice Ninja has a number of features which benefit working mothers – whether freelancers or solopreneurs – who are based at home. As an open-source platform, many of our features have been tested and fine-tuned by developers worldwide, many of whom at work-from-home parents themselves.

Home Invoice Ninja benefits work-at-home moms

We know what’s it like to juggle our responsibilities as parents and as business owners, and so we want to share some of the ways our features can benefit you, a very busy work-at-home mom.

With Invoice Ninja, you can:

  1. Quickly create and email invoices

Creating invoices is very easy with Invoice Ninja. We have a variety of professionally designed templates ready for you to quickly personalize with your brand identity. These can then be used over and over again with many of your details automatically saved for each new invoice. You can see in real-time, as you input data, how your invoice will look to clients.

  1. Convert quotes into invoices instantly

You can also create quote documents just as easily. Once these have been agreed by the client or customer, you can then convert the quote into an invoice, within seconds. This will then be ready to send to the client as a pre-formatted invoice document. No longer will you need to create separate documents for quotes and invoices.

  1. Make payment easier for clients

When you make payment as easy as possible for your clients, you also benefit. You’ll receive less questions about confusing payment methods. With Invoice Ninja’s invoices, your client simply clicks a button within the invoice itself and payment is quickly made. This alone will improve your cash flow as clients will be more likely to pay immediately rather than delay until another time.

  1. Invoice Payment Auto-Reminder Emails

Some clients and customers however, will delay regardless of how well you set up an invoice and payment procedures. One of the most distracting and worrying aspects of running your own business is getting paid on time. The last thing you want to be doing as a busy mom is following up with late paying clients.

With Invoice Ninja, this is taken care of. Once the invoice due date has passed, we’ll send out automatic late payment reminders until your client pays or you need to take more definitive action.

  1. Automatically create an item and product library

When it comes to invoicing clients and customers, one of the most draining activities is writing countless service and product titles and descriptions. It’s important when sending an invoice, the recipient fully understands what they are paying for. This is why clear itemized billing is so vital.

Yet instead of writing the same types of descriptions over and over again, you can simply pluck written descriptions and products from a library you build over time. After a few invoices, you’re invoicing procedures speed up dramatically.  

  1. Benefit from data automation and syncing

As a busy mom, there are more and more apps which benefit your day-to-day parenting and business activities. Technology allows us to automate many processes and sync data between many different platforms and devices. At Invoice Ninja we have teamed up with a number of data syncing and integration providers including Zapier, PieSync, and Integromat, among others.

For example, when you update Invoice Ninja data on your smartphone, everything is then synced with your other apps and platforms. You don’t need to manually update data yourself by hand or worry whether the figures you see in another app are up-to-date.

  1. Seamlessly track your time

One of our inbuilt apps is a time tracker. Tracking your time as a busy parent and business owner is incredibly important if you’re to find ways to streamline processes and find an extra few minutes in which to work or rest. With Invoice Ninja, you simply press a button and your time spent working on a particular task or project is automatically recorded. You can then analyze the data and also seamlessly include it into invoices.

  1. Use Kanban Boards to manage projects and your home life

A big part of increasing productivity and getting things done is planning ahead and knowing the status of various projects. As a work-at-home mom you might have half a dozen or more client projects on the go at any one time, so it’s vital to know what’s happening. Kanban Boards are another inbuilt Invoice Ninja tool which will help you to organize your time with a bird’s eye view of your workload.

  1. Work two businesses or more? Use multiple company support

Maybe you are a freelancer but you also run your own product business as well. You might even have a third income stream completely unrelated to the other two. If you work two businesses or more than you can set up different identities for each one under just one single account. You save yourself time and hassle, and can view your data all from one place.

  1. Set up recurring invoicing

If you provide services which are reoccurring – such as virtual assisting or social media – then you’ll likely be billing a client every week or month. Instead of writing a whole new invoice each time, you can simply create recurring invoices and automatically bill clients for the ongoing services you provide. This gives you a hands-off approach and means you could potentially go months and years without needing to adjust anything.

Benefits of Invoice Ninja for busy work-at-home moms

Invoice Ninja is ideal for work-at-home professionals and allows you to speed up many of your billing processes that otherwise may have eaten into your precious family time. Nowadays, with digital technology advancing at a rapid pace, there’s every reason to take full advantage of the benefits cloud-based apps and tools provide.  

At Invoice Ninja, we provide all the tools you need to help you, as a busy mom, thrive in your business.